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Can you take a backpack on a plane

Can You Bring a Backpack on a Plane?

Every year airlines worldwide seem to make the restrictions regarding what size luggage you can take on a plane with you more and more complicated. In most cases this is to try and extract yet more money from you as they make taking checked bags even more expensive. But this has the effect of making […]

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what not to pack in checked baggage

9 Things You Should Never Pack in Checked Baggage

Many people don’t really give due consideration to what should or shouldn’t be packed in their suitcase when they travel by air which can result in disappointment and even some serious problems. There are some things you are not permitted to place in your checked bags but there are other things which are permitted that […]

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How High Do Planes Fly?

How High Do Planes Fly?

Different types of aircraft fly at different heights and largely depends on whether they are pressurized, the type of engines they have and their role (leisure, business, commercial or military). Commercial aircraft today fly at altitudes up to 42,000 feet (which is just under 8 miles high). Concorde used to fly at altitudes up to […]

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what is a domestic flight

What is a Domestic Flight? Everything You Need to Know

There often seems to be confusion over whether a flight is still considered a domestic flight if it flies over an ocean or, if in flying between two airports in the same country, the flight overflies another country. A domestic flight is regarded as being one that starts and ends in the same country, without […]

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Can you listen to an audiobook on a plane?

Can You Listen to an Audiobook on a Plane? Learn How!

Do you have a favorite audiobook that you want to listen to while flying or want to listen to a few new ones? Well audiobooks are certainly a great way to help pass the time on a long flight. You can listen to an audiobook on a plane but it is better to download the […]

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Can you sleep overnight at an airport

Can You Sleep Overnight in an Airport? Is It Legal?

There are many reasons why people may want to sleep overnight in an airport. These can include saving money on an airport hotel, catching an early flight which may necessitate getting to the airport by public transport the night before, flight delays or bad flight connections with an overnight layover. But is it allowed, or […]

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whatsapp on a plane

Can You Use WhatsApp on a Plane in Airplane Mode? Learn the Facts!

Do you remember the time, not long ago, when being on a flight somewhere gave you a chance to forget things and simply read a book or watch a movie? Sadly, these days, people often feel like they have lost their right arm if they haven’t been able to see what others are doing on […]

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Can you smoke in UK airports?

Can You Smoke at UK Airports? UK Airport Smoking Areas List

The good news for smokers is that UK airport smoking areas can be found at some airports. However, the majority of UK airports do not allow smoking after you enter the terminal building or pass through airport security. Most UK airports have designated smoking areas before you enter the terminal building but only some allow […]

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early flights

Early flights – Are they worth getting up for?

I will be honest, I don’t like early flights. Actually that’s not true, I hate them. But actually I think it is more the thought of them than the reality of them. Once I am up and getting going it never seems quite so bad. Having to get up at some ungodly hour to catch […]

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compression socks

Should I Wear Compression Socks for Flying on a Long Flight?

For many years I didn’t wear flight socks. Then, about 15 years ago I broke my arm and elbow badly, requiring 4 hours of surgery to repair it. My wife and I were booked to go on a Caribbean cruise for two weeks less than a month after my surgery, which meant an 8 hour […]

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