Airport Security – what can and can’t you take through airport security

Travel Easier provides plenty of advice on what you can and can’t take through airport security.

This includes some of the more complicated airport security rules in details (the liquids rule for example). We show what you are allowed to take in your carry on and what you are not permitted. We also show what you can bring in your checked bags.

If you want a smooth passage through security when you fly then you will find lots of tips and tricks to speed your passage. Follow these tips to avoid any embarrassing situations and also may prevent you having things confiscated by security agents.

can I wear an underwire bra through airport security

Can You Go Through Airport Security with Metal Implants?

Many people end up with orthopedic implants after accidents, or artificial joints such as knees and hips after joint replacements surgery, so it is not surprising that they may then wonder if they will set off the alarms when they walk through metal detectors at airport security. Generally, you can go through airport security if…

Xbox On A Plane

Can You Bring an Xbox On A Plane? PS4/PS5 etc

If you are an avid gamer and going on an extended vacation then you may well wish to take your Xbox, PS4, PS5 or another type of game console with you to pass some time while you are away. The TSA state that Xboxes and other video game consoles are allowed on a plane in…

How Much Toothpaste Can I Bring on A Plane? 1

How Much Toothpaste Can I Bring on A Plane?

If you are on a long flight, particularly if flying overnight, then you may want to brush your teeth to freshen up before arriving at your destination. You are permitted to take your toothbrush with you but can you bring toothpaste too and if so, how much? Toothpaste is considered a liquid by the TSA…

can you bring baby wipes on a plane

Can You Bring Baby Wipes on A Plane?

There are so many things that you can or can’t take with you on a plane these days. How do you keep track of it all? What constitutes a liquid? How much is 3.4 ounces anyway? Is it still 3.4 ounces? How many wipes can you have in your carry on? So many rules. What…

Can You Bring Sunscreen on a Plane? 2

Can You Bring Sunscreen on a Plane?

If you are going on vacation, particularly if you will be spending time lying on a beach somewhere warm, then sunscreen is an important item to take with you to prevent skin cancer. But can you bring sunscreen on a plane and, if so, where should you pack it? Sunscreen can only be taken through…

Juul on a Plane

Can You Bring Juul on a Plane? Don’t get it confiscated!

If you enjoy smoking a Juul and want to take it with you when traveling by air then it is important to know the regulations regarding carrying a Juul and whether you can bring Juul pods with you. You can take Juul on a plane but it, along with any spare lithium batteries, are not…

Candy on a plane

Can You Bring Candy on a Plane?

One of the most popular things passengers want to bring with them to snack on during a flight is candy, particularly if they are traveling with children. They are a perfect snack and carrying them is hassle-free in most situations. If you are planning to travel on a plane and cannot help taking bucket loads…

can you take a skateboard on a plane

Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane?

Skateboarding has certainly stood the test of time and seems to be as popular now as it was when it was first invented and is now an Olympic sport. It is no surprise that skateboard enthusiasts might want to take their skateboard on a plane with them when they go on a trip. Yes, according…

Can you take fish on a plane

Can You Bring Fish on A Plane? Live and Dead Fish TSA Rules

Although this article is primarily aimed at people who want to take live fish on a plane it will also cover taking dead fish on a plane too. It would seem unlikely that people may want to take their pet goldfish on vacation with them but I guess some may. TSA regulations allow live fish…

Can You Take Cologne on a Plane?

Can You Bring Cologne on a Plane?

Flying in a cramped aircraft cabin, particularly on along haul flight, doesn’t exactly make you feel at your best. So being able to give yourself a spray of your favorite cologne during the flight can go a long way to making you feel a little more human. You can bring a bottle of cologne on…