Airport Security – what can and can’t you take through airport security

Travel Easier provides plenty of advice on what you can and can’t take through airport security.

This includes some of the more complicated airport security rules in details (the liquids rule for example). We show what you are allowed to take in your carry on and what you are not permitted. We also show what you can bring in your checked bags.

If you want a smooth passage through security when you fly then you will find lots of tips and tricks to speed your passage. Follow these tips to avoid any embarrassing situations and also may prevent you having things confiscated by security agents.

9 things that are considered a liquid when flying but aren't

9 things considered a liquid when flying that really aren’t

When it comes to deciding if something is a liquid it is generally pretty straightforward in every day life. If it is runny, it is a liquid, if it isn’t runny then it isn’t! Simple, at least you might think so. But the definition of what is, and what is not, a liquid is not…

the complete guide to airport security

How to Get Through Airport Security Faster – TSA Tips

Airport security can be a nightmare. You’re tired as you probably had to get up before dawn, you have to get to your plane on time and the last thing you want is to be in line for an hour. To make matters worse, everyone else feels the same way! Knowing how to pass through…

Are you allowed to bring food in your carry on?

Can You Bring Food Through Airport Security? A Complete List

Airline food can be pretty bad these days. Actually, it may not be available at all on some airlines, and even if it is, you may have to pay a crazy amount for something you wouldn’t feed to your cat. It is no wonder then that people may decide to take their own food on…

How Much Liquid Can You Take on a Plane in Checked Baggage 1

How Much Liquid Can You Take on a Plane in Checked Baggage

People often get confused over the rules for bringing liquids on a plane, which is understandable as they can be pretty complicated. However, although the carry on liquids limit rules are quite onerous, the rules for liquids in checked baggage are quite simple. There are actually few restrictions on how much liquid you can take…

How Much Liquid Can You Take on a Plane in Checked Baggage 2

Can You Bring Makeup on a Plane in Carry On Luggage?

Being able to bring makeup on a plane, and particularly in carry on luggage, is something that most women (and some men these days) are likely to need to do at some time or another. This is particularly true as so many only take carry on luggage these days for short trips. You can bring…

How Much Liquid Can You Take on a Plane in Checked Baggage 3

Can You Bring Cigarettes on a Plane? TSA and Customs Rules

Well, although you cannot smoke cigarettes on a plane, you can still take them in both carry on bags and in checked luggage. The same is true of other tobacco products including cigars, pipe/rolling tobacco, chewing tobacco and other types of smokeless tobacco. You can take cigarettes on a plane and there are no restrictions…

Can you take a lighter on a plane?

Can You Bring a Lighter on a Plane? The Rules Explained

As smoking has been banned on flights for many years it is surprising that people still might ask can you bring a lighter with me on a plane. But as so many people travel with only hand luggage today, and may wish to smoke when they arrive, perhaps it isn’t so surprising. The TSA rules…

Can you take tweezers on a flight

Can You Bring Tweezers on A Plane and Other Sharp Objects

Tweezers and other sharp items fall under the TSA airport security rules which govern carrying any sharp object that might potentially be used as a weapon. These rules are, quite understandably, quite strict. TSA rules state that you can bring tweezers both in hand luggage or in your checked bags so don’t worry about that….

Can you take an electric toothbrush in hand luggage

Can You Bring an Electric Toothbrush on a Plane?

Particularly if you are on a long flight, perhaps overnight, then being able to bring your electric toothbrush on a plane in your hand luggage is a must so that you can clean your teeth during the flight to help freshen up your oral hygiene (and be kind to adjacent passengers). The TSA allows electric…

Can you take phone chargers in hand luggage?

Can You Take Phone Chargers in Hand Luggage?

One thing is for sure, in today’s world most people cannot live without their electronic devices, be they smartphones, cell phones, tablets, laptops, iPods etc. So if you are traveling you will need a way of keeping them charged, in the air and at your destination. But can you take phone chargers in hand luggage?…