Re-Timer Sleep Glasses – Jet Lag Reduction

The Re-Timer sleep glasses have been developed over the past 25 years by sleep psychologists Prof. Leon Lack and Dr Helen Wright at an Australian university. They are designed with jet lag and shift workers particularly in mind but can help other sleep disorders. They are recommended by many sleep clinics.

If you are traveling from west to east you will generally find it harder to fall asleep at night as your body clock will be saying “it’s not bedtime yet”. So wearing Re-Timer in the morning may help you to fall asleep earlier at the end of the day.

Re-Timer and Jet Lag

If you are traveling east to west then you will most likely feel tired too early, before “bed time”. If you wear Re-Timer in the evening this may then help you adjust to this sleep pattern.

Re-Timer sleep glasses

The Re-Timer glasses are worn 1-2 hours before going to sleep or immediately on waking up in the morning. They only need to be worn for up to an hour each time.

Unlike light boxes that you need to sit in front of, as you wear these you can get on with things while they work, such as having breakfast, getting dressed etc. So they are very convenient to use.

Operates using safe blue-green light to naturally readjust your body clock as quickly as possible to the new time zone you are in.

They are 100% UV-free and Re-Timer has undergone independent ocular safety testing so are completely safe for your eyes.

Re-Timer sleep glasses

They are designed to go over glasses so you will have no problem reading or performing other tasks while you wear them. You will find them just as light as wearing sunglasses (just 2.64 ounces) too.

A rechargeable battery is built in to the glasses. This can be recharged using a USB cable to a computer or using the included USB charger.

There is a free iPhone app that works with the Re-Timer to calculate when and how to use the glasses to reduce jet lag.

Re-Timer sleep glasses

Every set of Re-Timer jet lag glasses comes with a padded carry case.

This case helps protect them so you can safely take them with you on your travels.

They can be carried either as hold or hand luggage on flights as the battery used complies with international requirements for passenger hand luggage or stowed luggage containing a lithium battery.

The battery cannot be removed.

How does Re-Timer light therapy help reduce jet lag?

The levels of melatonin (a hormone produced in the brain) in our bodies, increase at night causing us to feel sleepy. Jet lag when flying across time zones interferes with this natural cycle. You then get these increased melatonin levels out of sync with the time zone you are now in. So you either feel sleepy early in the evening or you go to bed and can’t sleep because your melatonin levels have yet to increase..

Light exposure helps to regulate your body clock. The light suppresses the body’s production of melatonin, enabling you to change the time you feel tired and therefore change your sleep.

When your eyes detect bright light, your body responds by signalling your brain to be awake and alert.

jet lag blue light glasses

Prof. Leon Lack (one of the inventors) explains how the Re-Timer can be used to help combat the effects of jet lag:

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