Food items you can and cannot take through airport security and on a plane

  • Can You Take Homemade Food Through Airport Security

    Can You Take Homemade Food Through Airport Security? A Quick Guide

    When traveling, you might wonder if you can take homemade food through airport security. Whether it’s a favorite snack or a packed meal for the journey, knowing the rules and regulations can save you from the disappointment of having to discard your culinary creations at the checkpoint. You’ll be pleased to know that you can…

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  • Can You Bring Honey on a Plane Featured Image

    Can You Take Honey on A Plane?

    If you’ve been traveling for quite a while now, you should know that airport food can be disappointing and pricey. You may therefore opt to bring your own snacks or spreads like honey especially if you are scheduled for a long flight. So, can you bring honey on a plane? The Quick Answer: Can I…

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  • Can You Bring Nuts on a Plane_Featured Image

    Pack Your Nuts, but Know the Regulations: A Guide to Bringing Nuts on a Plane

    You can bring nuts on a plane, but most airlines would recommend avoiding doing so due to nut allergies being fairly common. Nuts make a great snack option on a flight journey. With most airlines having discontinued their in-flight service of peanuts as a snack, it isn’t uncommon to pack some of your own to…

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  • Can You Bring Peanut Butter on a Plane_Featured Image

    Can You Take Peanut Butter on a Plane? TSA Peanut Butter Rules

    You’re excitedly packing for a trip and thinking of taking peanut butter and bread for a quick snack. But then, you stop and wonder – ‘Can you bring peanut butter on a plane?’ As surprising as it may sound, the TSA considers peanut butter to be a liquid. Whether it is creamy, chunky, or regular…

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  • Can You Bring Cheese on a Plane Featured Image

    Can You Bring Cheese On A Plane?

    We all love cheese. Whether as a dip for your favorite chips or spread for your snack bread, bringing cheese during your trip is a brilliant idea. After all, food bought in the airport has a lot of preservatives that are not good for your health. But what if you will be traveling by air?…

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  • Can You Bring Milk on a Plane_Featured Image

    Can You Bring Milk on a Plane?

    Milk is often an essential carry-on for air travel, particularly with infants or toddlers. While the TSA Liquids rule applies to regular milk, it doesn’t apply to milk for infants or toddlers. You probably packed some cereal for snacking on your flight journey and would also like to take some milk. Or, if you’re traveling…

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  • Can You Bring Granola Bars on a Plane_Featured Image

    Can I Bring Granola Bars on A Plane?

    If you’re planning to travel by plane, you may be wondering what snacks you can bring on board with you. Granola bars are a convenient and healthy snack option, but can they be brought on a plane? In this article, we will provide the rules and regulations around bringing granola bars through airport security and…

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  • Can You Bring Chocolate On A Plane_Featured image

    Can You Take Chocolate On A Plane?

    Are you a chocolate lover and planning to take a flight soon? If yes, you might be wondering if you can bring your favorite sweet treat with you on board. In this article, we will explore how to take chocolate through security, whether to check them or bring them in handbags, the proper procedure at…

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  • Can You Bring Gum on a Plane

    Can You Take Gum on a Plane?

    Chewing some minty gum can be great way to freshen your breath, particularly during a long day when you are unable to brush your teeth. So having some in your carry on bag to chew on a long flight might seem like a good idea. But can you bring gum on a plane, through airport…

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  • Can you take tea bags in hand luggage?

    Can You Bring Tea Bags on a Plane? What Are the Rules!

    I can imagine that a British traveler, with their well-known love of a cup of tea, might think it important to know whether or not you are allowed to take tea bags on a plane with you on a trip, particularly if traveling abroad. Apart from British tea lovers, many other people like to take…

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