Can You Take Gum on a Plane?



Chewing some minty gum can be great way to freshen your breath, particularly during a long day when you are unable to brush your teeth.

So having some in your carry on bag to chew on a long flight might seem like a good idea.

But can you bring gum on a plane, through airport security and can you chew it during a flight?

Can You take Gum on a Plane

The Quick Answer: Can I bring gum on a plane? TSA rules permit you to bring gum on a plane in your carry on bag or pack it in your checked bag. You can also chew it during the flight.


Can you bring gum through TSA airport security

The Transportation Security Administration rules have no restrictions on taking gum through the TSA checkpoint at the airport.

Gum can be left in your carry on or personal item when the bag goes through the x-ray machine so you do not need to remove it and place it separately in a tray.

As gum is small and light there is really no restriction on the quantity you can take through airport security either.

Some passengers have asked can you chew gum through airport security? You certainly can chew gum while passing through the security checkpoint.

@AskTSA Service

The TSA offers a very good service on Twitter where you can ask a specific question about whether you can take something through the security checkpoint and they will respond quickly.

This is an example response to a passenger’s question regarding carrying gum in their carry on:

Can You Take Gum on a Plane? 1

Can you take gum in your carry on luggage?

You are allowed to pack gum in your carry on luggage and take it on to the aircraft with you to chew during the flight. You can also carry them in your pocket too of course.

If you are flying from a larger airport that has stores after you pass through airport security then you may find that some of these have gum for sale if you have forgotten to bring yours.

Don’t forget, if you are a smoker, you can also bring nicotine gum with you to help.

Can you take gum in your checked luggage?

You can pack as many packets of gum as you wish in your checked luggage if you are taking more than just carry on. Obviously, you will not be able to chew gum during the flight if it is there but you can use it when you get to your destination.

The same applies to any other nicotine product you may wish to pack in your checked luggage.

Can you bring gum on an international flight?

You can certainly take gum on an international flight and into whichever country you are flying to with the exception of Singapore.

If you are traveling to Singapore they have very strict litter laws there which include heavy fines for anyone not disposing of chewing gum of any kind correctly. Singapore is a beautiful place, helped perhaps by its strong stance on littering.

In fact, since 1992, the sale of chewing gum has been completely banned in Singapore. Since 2004 there have been a few exceptions made which now allow nicotine gum.

But even then it can only be purchased from a doctor or pharmacist.

Can you bring gum on an international flight
The beautiful Singapore

Do airlines object to you chewing gum?

There are no airlines that I am aware of that have a ban on chewing gum, even Singapore Airlines (see above).

But no airline would be happy if you were to dispose of your used gum thoughtlessly, such as sticking it under your seat or some other equally disgusting thing.

A passenger on Frontier Airlines took this photo of gum on a seat and posted it on Twitter:

Can You Take Gum on a Plane? 2

When to chew gum on a plane

You can chew gum at any time during a flight but in fact, chewing gum during take off or landing can help if you have problems with your ears due to changes in air pressure.


TSA rules allow gum to be taken through the airport security checkpoint in your carry on bag and onto the plane with you, without restriction, and you can chew gum during the flight too. It can often also be purchased in stores at the airport after passing through security.

Have a good and stress-free flight.


Do they sell gum at airports?

You will normally be able to buy gum in airport stores, although that cannot be guaranteed obviously. To be sure you would be advised to buy some before going to the airport.

How much gum can you bring on a plane?

There are no limits to the amount of gum you can take on a plane in either your carry on bag or checked baggage. Of course, you are limited by the size and weight your airline imposes on baggage.

Can you bring opened gum on a plane?

It makes no difference if a packet of gum is open or still sealed. Both are permitted through airport security and on a plane.

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