Carry On

Everything you need to know about carry on baggage. How dig, how many, what can you carry etc etc

  • carry on checklist

    The Ultimate Carry On Checklist for Long Flights

    Embarking on a long journey can be exciting, offering opportunities to experience new cultures, explore breathtaking landscapes, and make unforgettable memories. But anyone who’s ever traveled to far-flung places around the world knows that the flight itself can be a bit of a marathon. The secret to a smooth, comfortable journey starts well before you…

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  • What Is A Personal Item

    What is a Personal Item? Uncovering the Mystery

    Have you ever been puzzled by the term “personal item” while preparing for a flight? When it comes to air travel, a personal item is not just any random object you hold dear. It’s a specific type of luggage, typically smaller than a carry-on bag, designed to fit snugly under the seat in front of…

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  • Do Garment Bags Count as Carry-On

    Does a Garment Bag Count as Carry-On? Here’s What You Need to Know

    In this post, I will be addressing a common question among travelers: “Does a garment bag count as a carry-on item when flying?” This topic is especially relevant for those who frequently travel for business or special events and need to transport formal or professional attire. Airlines have different rules and regulations when it comes…

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  • What Are Carry On Bags

    What Is A Carry On Bag? A Guide to Stress-Free Travel

    When preparing for air travel, you’ve probably wondered about your luggage options, specifically carry-on bags. In this article, we’ll dive into what exactly defines a carry-on bag, as well as its size limitations and usage in different airlines. As you explore carry-on bags further, understanding their requirements and benefits will help ensure a smooth travel…

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  • What is Allowed in a Carry-On Bag

    What is Allowed in a Carry On Bag: Essential Guidelines for Air Travel

    Planning your next flight and wondering what’s allowed in your carry-on bag? Understanding the rules and regulations for carry-on items can help you sail through security checkpoints and make your travel experience hassle-free. In this article, you’ll find essential information about what you can and cannot pack in your carry-on luggage, as well as guidelines…

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  • What To Put In A Carry-on Bag VS A Checked BagWhat To Put In A Carry-on Bag VS A Checked Bag_Featured Image

    What To Put In Carry On vs Checked Bag? 

    You’ve been saving up for this vacation for a long time, and now it’s finally happening. The challenge now is figuring out how to pack your bags efficiently.  When taking a flight, you have the option of bringing a carry-on and/or a checked bag. The question, though, is what one should pack in both of…

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  • Liquid Limits in Carry On Could Be Scrapped By 2024

    Liquid Limits in Carry On Could Be Scrapped By 2024

    One of the hardest things for travelers to get right is how much liquid they can take in carry on bags. Every day, thousands of containers of liquid are confiscated by airport security worldwide because they fall outside of the liquids rules. Thanks to the introduction of 3D scanners at airport security these complicated liquids…

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  • Maximum liquid permitted in carry on

    Maximum Liquid You Can Take on a Plane in Carry On?

    It can be quite confusing to know what the carry on bag liquid limit is and also what is considered to be a liquid under the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) 311 rule. By following the TSA liquids rules you will pass through airport security much quicker and with fewer problems. You will also ensure that…

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  • Things That Are Not Allowed on a Plane in Carry-On 1

    Things That Are Not Allowed on a Plane in Carry-On

    Every year, airlines seem to charge more and more for checked bags, so many people are choosing to travel by air with just a carry-on bag. This saves money but, as well as being restricted on the amount you can take, it also means you have to be more careful about what you take with…

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