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best gadgets to make flying more comfortable

Best Gadgets to Make Flying More Comfortable in 2022

I have flown on many long haul flights, and at 6ft 2in tall, with long legs, I have had to learn to either live with the discomfort or do something about it. I have learned to do the latter with the help of some gadgets to make flying more comfortable always in my carry on….

Can You Take Aerosols on a Plane?

Can You Take Aerosols on a Plane?

One of the most frequently asked questions from infrequent flyers is can you bring aerosol on a plane, and in particular, can aerosols go in carry on or checked baggage. TSA rules allow aerosols on a plane in carry on baggage but they must be in containers that are 3.4 ozs (100ml) or less. They…

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can you bring hair clippers on a plane

Can You Bring Hair Clippers on a Plane?

If you were going on a short vacation or business trip you probably would have no reason to bring hair clippers on a plane with you. But if you will be away for a few weeks then you may need to keep yourself looking smart by giving yourself a quick trim during your trip. What…

can you bring crystals on a plane

Can You Bring Crystals on a Plane? Rocks, Minerals or Lava

Crystals are very popular to take on a trip to give as gifts and also to bring back as a souvenier as a reminder. Also, many people believe that some crystals have healing properties so would wish to take some with them. Naturally, when I refer to crystals and rocks I am not referring to…

Can You Bring Metal on a Plane

Can You Bring Metal on a Plane? Carry on and Checked Bags

Clearly there are many things you may wish to take on a plane that are made, at least in part, with metal. These could range from saucepans, knives, coins, keys or knitting needles to a piece of iron ore. The question is, can you take metal objects on a plane and, if so, are there…

Shoes in carry on baggage

Can I Pack Shoes in My Carry On Bag?

If you are going on a short trip and don’t want to pay the additional cost for a checked bag then you may well need to take a change of shoes with you in your carry on bag. That is particularly important if you want to wear a comfortable pair of casual shoes, such as…

Can you bring paint on a plane

Can You Bring Paint on a Plane? TSA Regulations Art Supplies

Many artists, both professional and amateur, often like to take some of their art materials such as paints, brushes, pencils and sketchbooks on a trip with them. If you are one of them, you obviously do not want to have all your art supplies confiscated by airport security so you need to know if you…

magnet on a plane

Can You Bring Magnets on a Plane?

Can you take a magnet on a plane is asked quite frequently by passengers who do not wish to fall foul of the security regulations. According to the TSA there are no restrictions on taking magnets with you in either carry on or checked baggage. However, this is not strictly true for very strong magnets…