Can You Wear Jewelry Through Airport Security?

Many people wear jewelry at all times, even if it is only wedding rings, earrings set, bracelets or necklaces. Increasingly these days people also have body piercings so they also wear jewelry there too. But do you have to remove all of your jewelry before going through airport security?

Generally, you can go through airport security with most jewelry made of gold and silver without a problem. But you should be aware that there is a small chance that you may set off the alarm when you pass through particularly sensitive metal detectors. If that happens then you may require a further screening check by TSA officers.

Generally metal jewelry, particularly gold and silver, will not set off the metal detector alarms but it is not unusual for bulky jewelry to set them off, particularly if they contain metals such as steel.

Can You Wear Jewelry Through TSA Airport Security

What does the TSA say about jewelry?

Firstly, there are no TSA jewelry rules, as such, so you can take whatever jewelry you want with you through the security checkpoint (unless you are flying from the UK and have the Queen’s Crown Jewels in your carry on, in which case you may have a problem). The question is can you wear jewelry through TSA checkpoints rather than putting it in a tray to go through the x-ray machine.

The best advice would be to use common sense so if you are wearing any particularly oversized and metallic jewelry containing a lot of metal then to save the hassle of setting off alarms when you walk through the metal detector then you are probably best to take it off and place it in your carry on bag.

It is not advised to leave any expensive jewelry loose in a security tray when it goes through the x-ray machine.

If you are just wearing jewelry that comprises a few rings and non-bulky necklaces, bracelets and earrings then you should not set off the alarms.

If wear jewelry and you do set off the alarms at airport security then it really isn’t a big deal. You will probably just have an additional pat down by a TSA officer or the TSA agent may just carry out checks using a metal detector wand.

This is a reply to a passenger who asked TSA “Can you wear jewelry through TSA checkpoints?”:

can you wear jewelry through tsa checkpoint

In some cases you may be asked to pass through one of the advanced imaging technology scanners, also known as millimeter-wave scanners (see Wikipedia) but that is unlikely.

You can choose not to use one of these machines as the TSA state “If you choose to not be screened through the advanced imaging technology or you alarm the walk-through metal detector, you will undergo a pat-down screening instead.”

The TSA state the following on their website about going through security wearing jewelry and not needing to remove jewelry in most cases:

“Jewelry – even a ring with a sparkly diamond in a tiny square box – can be carried through the checkpoint. However, TSA does not recommend wearing bulky jewelry or large belt buckles because that may trigger an alarm resulting in the need for a pat-down.”

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and who wants to be forever separated from their BFF!?! Go ahead…leave the bling on through screening!”

This passenger is asking the TSA, using their Twitter service, if they can pack jewelry in their carry on bag through airport security and also is there a limit on how much jewelry they can carry:

AskTSA advice about flying with jewelry

Body piercing jewelry through airport security?

The TSA website states the following:

“Certain metal body piercings may cause the machines to alarm and a pat-down may be required. If additional screening is required, you may be asked to remove your body piercing in private as an alternative to the pat-down.”

Wearing a watch though airport security

You do not actually need to remove a watch, even a chunky one with a metallic strap but it may be quicker if you do and place it in your carry on bags.

The TSA state on Twitter that “Watches aren’t required to be removed for screening. However, removing items such as watches, wallets, belts, bulky jewelry, money, keys and cell phones may reduce the need for additional screening.”

Can you take jewelry pliers through airport security?

If you like to make your own jewelry and plan to make some while you are away then it would not seem unreasonable that you would want to take jewelry pliers with you, as this passenger asked:

Can you take jewelry pliers through airport security

Should you put jewelry in checked baggage?

The best advice is to never put expensive or fine jewelry or any other valuable items in your checked bags. Always keep them with you in your carry on bag, purse or pocket (or wear them).

If you put them in your checked luggage there is always the chance that the bag may go missing or the bag opened and the jewelry stolen. This passenger had that very thing happen to her when her bag was opened by the TSA airport security:

Should you put jewelry in checked baggage

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Will stainless steel set off a metal detector at the airport?

If you have stainless steel jewelry then it is possible that you will set off the buzzer when you pass through the metal detector at the airport so further screening will not be necessary.

Do dental implants set off airport metal detectors?

If you have dental implants then it is very unlikely that you will ever have a problem going through airport security metal detectors and require further security checks by security staff. The main reason is that most dental implants are made of titanium, which is non-magnetic.

What metals will not set off a metal detector?

Generally, metals that are not magnetic will not set off the buzzer on airport metal detectors which includes titanium, stainless steel and surgical steel.