Does Hawaiian Airlines Have Wifi? They Do Now!



Whether Hawaiian Airlines offers Wi-Fi on board is pertinent, especially for those looking to stay productive or entertained during their flights.

This post will explore the current state of Wi-Fi availability on Hawaiian Airlines, detailing what passengers can expect when flying with this carrier.

As of February 9, 2024, Hawaiian Airlines offers free, fast Wi-Fi using Space-X Starlink internet service. Available on select A321neo and all A330 and A321neo aircraft by end of 2024, it allows streaming on unlimited devices without needing login or credit card details.

Hawaiian Airlines Wifi


Does Hawaiian Airlines Have Wifi?

Starting on February 9th, 2024, Hawaiian Airlines took a significant leap forward in enhancing the in-flight experience for its passengers by introducing fast and complimentary Wi-Fi service.

This significant development results from Hawaiian Airlines becoming the pioneering airline to adopt the SpaceX Starlink internet service, a move that is poised to revolutionize in-flight connectivity with its high-speed capabilities.

Introducing Starlink’s cutting-edge technology means that passengers aboard Hawaiian Airlines can look forward to a seamless online experience that rivals ground-based services. This is particularly noteworthy as it represents the airline’s commitment to keeping up with technological advancements and ensuring that passengers have the best possible experience while in the air.

The service commenced on select A321neo aircraft, which operate routes between Hawaii and the Continental U.S. This initial rollout is just the beginning, as Hawaiian Airlines has ambitious plans to expand this service.

By the end of 2024, the airline aims to offer Starlink internet service across its entire fleet of A330 and A321neo aircraft, ensuring that all passengers, regardless of their route, can enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet above the clouds.

You can experience a new level of connectivity in the skies with Hawaiian Airlines. Whether you’re looking to stream your favorite show, stay on top of work emails, or browse the internet at leisure, the introduction of Starlink Wi-Fi means you can stay connected from takeoff to touchdown.

Hawaiian Airlines is not just promising faster internet but setting a new standard for in-flight connectivity.

Does Hawaiian Airlines Have Wifi? They Do Now! 1

How to connect to Hawaiian Airlines Wifi

You can see if the aircraft you are flying on has wifi available by looking out for a sticker on the door as you board that says “High Speed Internet by Starlink.”

You do not need to wait for take-off to connect. The service is available as soon as yo step aboard the aircraft.

To connect your device, open up connections and select the “Starlink WiFi on HawaiianAir” wifi network. No login or credit card is required.

You can then stream movies, music or whatever you want.

Does Hawaiian Airlines Have Wifi? They Do Now! 2


How much does Hawaiian Airlines Wi-Fi cost?

Fast internet access is free of charge.

Can you make calls when connected to Hawaiian Starlink Wi-Fi?

Hawaiian Airlines prohibits video or voice calls while onboard our aircraft.

Can you stream TV shows and movies using Hawaiian Airlines Wi-Fi?

The internet service on Hawaiian Airlines is fast, so streaming is easy.

How many devices can I connect to Hawaiian Airlines Wi-Fi?

There is no limit to the number of devices, unlike on some other airlines, so you can have your phone, tablet and laptop all connected simultaneously if you wish.

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