Airport Security – what can and can’t you take through airport security

Travel Easier provides plenty of advice on what you can and can’t take through airport security.

This includes some of the more complicated airport security rules in details (the liquids rule for example). We show what you are allowed to take in your carry on and what you are not permitted. We also show what you can bring in your checked bags.

If you want a smooth passage through security when you fly then you will find lots of tips and tricks to speed your passage. Follow these tips to avoid any embarrassing situations and also may prevent you having things confiscated by security agents.

can you bring hair gel on a plane

Can You Bring Hair Gel on a Plane?

Hair gel is an important part of many people’s hair care routine so if they are going on a trip by plane then it is clear that they will want to find out f they can take it with them. There are different restrictions on taking hair care products that are considered a liquid if…

Can You Bring Matches on a Plane

Can You Bring Matches on a Plane

This is an important question for many smokers who wish to light up as soon as they are permitted when arriving at their destination. TSA rules state that each passenger can take one book or box of safety matches in their carry on luggage or on their person but they are not permitted in checked…

Will areosols explode in checked luggage

Will Aerosol Cans Explode in Checked Luggage on a Plane?

Will aerosols explode in checked baggage is a question many people who haven’t flown before (and some who have) seem to ask quite frequently. But with the increased levels of security that exist in today’s world, it is not surprising that people are unsure. Aerosols will not explode when they are in checked baggage in…

packing toiletries for air travel

How to Pack Toiletries for Air Travel

Toiletry products can be very messy things if they spill so the last thing you want is them leaking all over your clothes and other things in your baggage. There are things you can do to not only ensure that your toiletries arrive at your destination without spilling everywhere but also how you can get…

Can You Bring a Gillette Razor on an Airplane

Can You Bring a Gillette Razor on an Airplane

If you need to go straight to a crucial meeting on arrival at your destination, particularly on a long overnight flight then having a shave can certainly be important. A frequently asked question asked of the TSA is the rule applying to carrying a Gillette razor on an airplane in carry on bags. TSA rules…

How Many Ounces Can You Take on a Plane

How Many Ounces Can You Take on a Plane?

Although the TSA refers to liquids in ounces what they really mean is fluid ounces. Ounces are a measurement of weight and fluid ounces are a measurement of volume. The number of ounces that can be taken on a plane is much more strict when taking them through airport security in carry on bags than…

Can You Bring Chips on a Plane

Can You Bring Chips on a Plane?

Potato chips (or potato crisps if you are from the UK) do make the perfect snack so taking them on a flight with you to eat sounds like a great idea. But can you bring chips on a plane with you in your carry on bag to eat? Taking your own potato chips on a…

Can You Bring Shooters on a Plane

Can You Bring Shooters on a Plane?

When I was first asked this question I thought “of course you can’t take shooters on a plane!” thinking the person was referring to a gun as a “shooter”. But of course, they were actually referring to mini bottles of liquor, also known as airplane shooters, an alcohol nip or just miniatures. Because shooters are…

shampoo on a plane

How Much Shampoo Can You Bring on a Plane?

If you are going on a trip and will be away for at least a night then you will undoubtedly want to wash your hair while you are away. You may not want to rely on using the shampoo that your hotel may supply so you will probably want to take your favorite shampoo with…

Can You Wear Jewelry Through Airport Security

Can You Wear Jewelry Through Airport Security?

Many people wear jewelry at all times, even if it is only wedding rings, earrings set, bracelets or necklaces. Increasingly these days people also have body piercings so they also wear jewelry there too. But do you have to remove all of your jewelry before going through airport security? Generally, you can go through airport…