Can You Take Crochet Hooks on a Plane?

Traveling by air these days involves much waiting around at airports, as well as the time you actually spend in the air. Some people love to pass the time by listening to music, reading books or watching a movie on their laptop, tablet or even their phone. But others love to knit or crochet.

But the question is can you bring along crochet hooks on a plane and use them during a flight?

The TSA rules state that you can take crochet hooks with you on a plane in either your carry on bag or in your checked baggage. Like all sharp objects, that have the potential to injure a security agent when searching a bag, crochet hooks should be packed safely to prevent this happening.

Can You Take Crochet Hooks on a Plane

Can you take crochet hooks through airport security?

There are no restrictions on taking crochet hooks through a security checkpoint at the airport. This applies to any size crochet hooks and whether they are made of plastic, metal or bamboo.

Your crochet hooks can be left in your carry on when the bag goes through the x-ray machine so you do not need to remove them and place them separately in a tray.

There is also no restriction on the number of crochet hooks you can take through airport security either.

There is a possibility that after they pass through the x-ray machine that a security agent may want to see them to double check. The final decision whether an item can be taken through is always at the discretion of the security officer at the security checkpoint but you should not experience any problems with your crochet hooks.

NOTE: As there is a possibility that if a security agent searches your carry on bag they could potentially get stabbed by the points then you should ensure that they are packed so that cannot happen.

@AskTSA Service

The TSA offer a very good service on Twitter and Facebook where you can ask a specific question about whether you can take something through the security checkpoint and they will respond quickly.

This is an example response to a passenger’s question regarding carrying crochet hooks on a plane:

Can you take crochet hooks through airport security?

What about taking metal crochet hooks on a plane?

TSA and other authorities have no issue with crochet hooks of any material on the plane. It should not be sharp or bigger than the usual size of the conventional crochet hooks.

What about taking metal crochet hooks on a plane?

Can you take crochet hooks in your carry on?

Your crochet hooks can be taken on board with you in your carry on bag. After all, if you couldn’t take them on board with you then you wouldn’t have been allowed to take them through the security checkpoint.

Although there is in theory no restrictions on the size of the crochet hooks you can take on board the aircraft with you, in practice you couldn’t take any of the really large hooks that you would use for those large projects. Clearly the hooks need to fit inside your hand luggage and the size of your cabin bag is restricted.

Can you crochet during the flight?

You can use your crochet hooks to crochet during the flight to help you pass the time, which would be particularly good on a long boring flight.

But as mentioned above, your crochet hooks, yarn and your project will need to fit in your carry on bag. For that reason you should only take smaller projects with you.

TIP: When crocheting during the flight, try to keep your yarn in a plastic bag that will allow the yarn to be pulled out as you use it. There is a good reason for this – can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if the ball of yarn fell on the floor when you were using it and it rolled away under the seats in front, unraveling as it went. You would have to crawl around trying to retrieve it!

Can you crochet during the flight?

Can you pack crochet hooks in your checked bags?

You can pack as many crochet hooks and other crocheting items in your checked bag or bags. Obviously they would not be available to use during the flight as they would be in the hold. You could however take larger projects in your suitcase to do while you are away.

The only potential drawback of packing them in your checked bags is that sometimes they might get lost or delayed in transit. You might have to wait to get your things back which might spoil your vacation.

Taking other crochet accessories in your carry on luggage

If you are concerned that your scissors may be confiscated at airport security so that you won’t be able to crochet on the flight then consider packing nail clippers with your crochet project to use to cut your yarn instead.

Read the full TSA sharp objects rules.

Taking other crochet accessories in your carry on luggage


For those that enjoy it, crocheting is a perfect solution to the boredom on long flights. Carrying crochet hooks on a plane is also not a problem, the TSA does not restrict crochet hooks in carry-on or checked luggage.