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  • Can You Use Bluetooth On A Plane

    Can You Use Bluetooth on a Plane? Debunking Myths

    When preparing to board a flight, you might wonder if you can use your Bluetooth devices on the plane, such as headphones or earbuds. The answer varies depending on the airline and the stage of the flight. In general, Bluetooth is allowed on most flights, but there are specific restrictions you should be aware of.…

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  • Do Planes Fly Over The Pacific Ocean Featured Image

    Do Planes Fly Over The Pacific Ocean?

    Many people ask, why don’t planes fly over the Pacific? Actually, some do but the reason many do not may surprise you. In this post, you will find out that transpacific aviation is not quite as simple as it may seem as we explore the fascinating phenomenon of great circle routes – the shortest paths…

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  • What Does Flying Standby Mean? 1

    What Does Flying Standby Mean?

    Standby travel, commonly known as flying standby, refers to the practice of booking a flight without a confirmed seat, and instead relying on available seats that may become vacant closer to the departure time. But what exactly does standby mean, and how does flying standby work? To understand the meaning of standby flights, grasping the…

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  • Why do airlines overbook

    Why Do Airlines Overbook? Involuntary Denied Boarding

    Have you ever wondered why airlines overbook flights? It’s a common practice that might leave you, the traveler, puzzled, frustrated and stranded if you are bumped from a flight. You might be surprised to learn (or perhaps not) that this practice boils down to maximizing profits for airlines. By understanding why airlines overbook and how…

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  • Is It Better to Check-In Online or At the Airport?

    Should I Check in Online or at the Airport?

    When traveling by plane, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether to check in online or at the airport. Both options have their pros and cons, and the best choice for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Is It Better To Check In Online Or At The Airport?:…

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  • What To Wear On A Plane In Summer_Featured Image

    What To Wear On A Plane In Summer

    Traveling during the summer season can be a hassle, especially when it comes to deciding what to wear on a plane. With the combination of high temperatures and long hours of sitting, it can be very challenging to find an outfit that is both comfortable and stylish. In this blog post, we will explore some…

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  • Delta Premium Select Review Featured Image

    Delta Premium Select Review: Is It Worth the Cost?

    The popularity of premium economy, the class that sits between business class and coach, is rising. Although these seats don’t provide a true lie-flat experience, they are nevertheless worth considering if you’re worried about how comfortable you’ll be on a long flight overseas. Now that Delta has made Premium Select available on four distinct aircraft…

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  • Can You Wear Slippers on a Plane__Featured Image

    Can I Wear Slippers on A Plane Or in The Airport?

    As comfortable as wearing slippers may seem for air travel, for safety and practicality purposes, it’s recommended not to. Slippers and high heels are some of the footwear best avoided in airports and planes. Those indoor slippers seem like an excellent choice for your upcoming travel. They’re so easy to slip on and off and…

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  • How Many Suitcases Can You Take On a Plane Featured Image

    How Many Suitcases Can You Take On a Plane? 

    Traveling by plane can be a great way to reach your destination quickly and comfortably, but one of the most important things to consider when planning your trip is how many suitcases you can take on a plane with you. Depending on the airline, the route, and the fare class you choose, there may be…

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  • Can You Wear Contacts on a Plane_Featured Image

    Can You Wear Contact Lenses on a Plane?

    With the proper precautions, you can wear your contact lenses on your plane journey and not have to experience any discomfort from the dry air and cabin pressure in flight. Wearing contact lenses makes for hassle-free travel, especially on long journeys. While you usually don’t think twice before you wear contacts for road travel, you…

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