Are Shoes Allowed in Carry-On Luggage?



If you are going on a short trip and don’t want to pay the additional cost for a checked bag then you may well need to take a change of shoes with you in your carry on bag.

That is particularly important if you want to wear a comfortable pair of casual shoes, such as sneakers while traveling, and then wear a more formal pair of shoes at your destination.

But the question you may have is, can I put shoes in my carry on?

Can I Pack Shoes in My Carry On Bag

There are no restrictions on carrying shoes in your hand luggage, through the airport security checkpoint and onto a plane in your hand luggage.

I say, no restrictions but it seems if they are some kind of weird shoes with large spikes on them then they may have to go in checked bags (see the section below).


Do I have to take my shoes out of my carry-on?

In normal circumstances you will not need to remove shoes from your carry on baggage when you pass through the airport security checkpoint, just leave your shoes inside.

So when your carry on bag goes onto the conveyor belt for x-ray screening extra shoes will not need to be placed in a separate bin.

This passenger is asking if the extra shoes in their hand luggage can stay in the bag to pass through security

can i put shoes in my carry on bag

How many shoes can you bring on a plane?

You may take as many pairs of shoes in your hand luggage as you wish, provided you have the space and you do not exceed the maximum weight that your airline allows for carry on luggage.

In your checked baggage you can similarly pack as many shoes as you wish, again provided you do not exceed the checked luggage weight restrictions.

Can I bring heels in my carry-on?

You can pack high heels in your hand luggage without a problem, even the highly pointed stiletto heels.

You can also leave your high heels in your bag for x-ray screening at the checkpoint, which is a good thing as it is one less thing to have to worry about.

Can I bring heels in my carry-on

Can I wear flip-flops through airport security?

Can I wear flip-flops through airport security

Sadly, at US airports, you will not be able to wear your flip flops when you pass through the airport security checkpoint without removing them.

They have to be removed and placed in a bin to be x-rayed which means you will then have to walk barefoot through the metal detector before retrieving them at the other end of the conveyor belt.

Having to walk on a dirty floor barefoot, or in socks, is one of the main complaints that the TSA receives from passengers

This was the TSA’s response to a passenger asking this very question:

flip flops through airport security

I live on a popular beach vacation island so when I fly from here I often see passengers wearing theirs at the airport to travel home. They obviously want to extend their holiday as long as possible, although if flying back home to a cold, wet place they are not the most practical footwear to wear once they arrive.

But in Europe you do not normally have to remove any shoes, least of all flip-flops.

How do you pack shoes in a carry-on?

There is no particular way that you should be packing shoes in your carry on baggage. They can be packed loose or placed in a separate bag to keep your clothes and other items in your bag clean.

To make good use of space it is a good idea to push smaller items inside the shoes such as socks etc or anything small that may need a little extra protection.

This passenger is asking the TSA about putting shoes in a plastic bag:

can i put shoes in my carry on

Can you take shoes with spikes in carry on?

There seems to be some confusion, even within the TSA team, as to whether you can take certain shoes with spikes in your hand luggage.

For example, this passenger is asking about spiked golf shoes and is advised that they can be taken in a carry on bag.

Can you take golf shoes with spikes in carry on

But this passenger is asking about her son’s spiked track shoes (hardly any difference between these and golf shoes you might guess) but is advised that they must go in checked bags.

tsa shoes in carry on

These types of spiked shoes would not be permitted in hand luggage (neither could they be worn in that case). My question would be, why would anyone want to wear such ridiculous shoes?

Can you take shoes with spikes in carry on

I think you will agree, there is quite a bit of inconsistency there. As will all things, it is always the TSA agent at the checkpoint that has the final decision as to whether you can carry shoes of a particular type through.

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Hopefully I have answered all of the questions you may have when it comes to whether can I pack shoes in my carry on bag. To summarise, in most cases you can carry shoes in your hand luggage without a problem unless they have large spikes.


Do you still have to take your shoes off at the airport 2022?

Sadly, at most airports in the US, you still have to remove your shoes and place them in a security bin for x-ray screening and then walk through the metal detector in bare feet or your socks.

At many airports in Europe, and in other countries, it is not necessary to remove your shoes.

In fact, when I passed through London Heathrow airport recently they were trialing a new security system which meant that not only were shoes left on but everything was left in our carry on bags too and our pockets emptied before standing in front of a body scanner.

Can you pack ice skates in carry on?

Perhaps surprisingly, despite the large blades, you can take ice skates on a plane in both your hand luggage and checked baggage. Roller blades are also permitted in either.

Do you have to take off your socks at the airport?

Fortunately you will not be asked to remove your socks at airport security, even if you do have to remove your shoes.

Can you pack shoes in a backpack?

A pair of shoes, or even a number of pairs of shoes, can be carried in a backpack on a plane without restriction.

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