Can You Bring an Electric Razor on a Plane?



Are you wondering if you can take your trusty electric razor on a plane? You’re not alone. Many travelers like to maintain their grooming routine, even while jet-setting.

Whether traveling for business or leisure, understanding the rules about carrying electric razors on planes is crucial.

Well, we’ll be going over:

  1. What do the TSA rules say about bringing electric razors on planes?
  2. Can you use your electric razor during the flight?
  3. Are there any considerations for packing electric razors in checked luggage?

Let’s clear up any confusion, ensuring your travel plans remain as smooth as your post-shave face!

Can You Bring an Electric Razor on a Plane

The Quick Answer: Can I bring electric shaver on plane? According to the TSA electric razor rules, all types of electric shavers can be taken on a plane including rechargeable, battery-operated and corded. These can be carried in either your carry on luggage or your checked luggage. You are also permitted to use them onboard.


Can you take an electric razor through airport security

There are no restrictions on taking an electric razor through a security checkpoint at the airport, whether a battery, rechargeable or corded razor. They can be left in your carry on when the bag goes through the X-ray machine, so you do not usually need to remove them and place them in a tray.

As well as looking on the TSA website, if you are unsure about anything you want to take through airport security in your carry on and checked bags you can use the Transportation Security Administration #AskTSA service on Twitter.

This is their reply to a query about carrying an electric razor in hand luggage.

Can You Bring an Electric Razor on Plane

The same rules apply to taking an electric toothbrush on plane.

Can you use an electric razor onboard?

As well as being able to bring a razor on a plane in your carry on, you are also able to use it to shave on board with most airlines if you wish to smarten yourself up. That is unless it is a corded razor, of course, as there are unlikely any outlets to plug it into.

These are particularly suitable when flying, as using the little sink in a tiny aircraft washroom to wet shave isn’t the easiest.

Can you take an electric shaver in checked luggage?

There are no restrictions on bringing electric razors in your checked luggage, whether they are corded or cordless electric shavers.

Even rechargeable shavers containing lithium-ion batteries are allowed in checked baggage as the batteries cannot be removed.

If the lithium batteries were removable, they could not go in checked luggage separately, so the electric razors must have the battery inside.

can you bring electric razor on plane in checked bags

Electric razors and overseas electric sockets

Remember that if you travel overseas, particularly to Europe, your US plug will not fit into a wall outlet there. To use electric shavers or charge them up, you must take an adapter.

The one I use, which covers every possibility, is the Ceptics World Travel Adapter and is available on Amazon.

International Power Adapter, Ceptics World Travel USB Type C QC 3.0 18W PD Plug Adaptor Kit - 3 USB Ports Wall Charger Type I C G A Outlets 110V 220V A/C - 5V D/C - EU Euro US UK - All in One

Also the voltage is different in other parts of the world to the 110v used in the US. For example, 220-240v is the standard voltage in Europe and elsewhere.

Fortunately most electric shavers available today automatically adapt to different voltages but you should check the specification of yours before you leave just in case it is 110v only.

If you use it on the wrong voltage, your electric shaver could be damaged and burn out.

What about wet shaving razors

The Transportation Security Administration rules regarding whether you can bring a razor on a plane in your carry on luggage are more complicated than those that cover whether you can bring an electric razor and depend on the types of razors you wish to take, for example:

  • disposable razors
  • cartridge razors
  • safety razors
  • straight razors
  • Gillette razor

While you can take disposable razors and cartridge razors in your carry on luggage, if you bring a straight razor or safety razors and razor blades they must go in your checked luggage. This is because a straight razor and safety razor fall within the TSA regulations governing sharp objects.

Please read my article on whether you can bring a razor on a plane – Can you take a razor on a plane

Can you take aftershave in your carry on?

Can you take aftershave in your carry on

You will probably want to splash some aftershave on your face after using your electric razor. You can take aftershave on board with you in your carry on bags but you cannot take bottles larger than 100ml (3.4oz) through airport security due to the restriction on the size of liquids allowed in carry on baggage.

Fortunately, many aftershave bottles are smaller than this, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But remember, it is the size of the bottle, not the amount of aftershave in it that is important. So you cannot take a 200ml bottle in your carry on bag that is only 25% full. That would have to go in your checked baggage.

Electric razor summary

Regarding air travel, many passengers may wonder about the rules regarding electric shavers in their checked luggage or carrying an electric razor onboard a plane. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has provided guidelines to ensure the safety of all passengers. According to the TSA regulations, electric shavers are permitted in checked luggage, meaning you can indeed bring your electric shaver in your suitcase that will be stored in the plane’s cargo hold.

However, if you prefer to have your rechargeable shaver with you during your flight, you may wonder, “Can I bring my electric razor on a plane?” The answer is yes! Electric razors are allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage. This means you can bring your electric shaver on the plane and use it for grooming purposes while in flight or during layovers.

So, whether you pack your electric shaver in your checked luggage or keep it in your carry-on bag, you can rest assured that you won’t have any issues bringing it on the plane. It’s important to note that while electric shavers are permitted, removing any sharp or dangerous components before packing them is always a good idea to avoid any potential problems during the security screening process.

The TSA allows passengers to bring electric shavers both in checked luggage and as part of their carry-on items. So, if you’re wondering, “Can I bring an electric razor on a plane?” the answer is a resounding yes. Just ensure that you follow the guidelines set by the TSA and any specific regulations of the airline you are traveling with.

Happy travels and happy grooming!


Do electric razors have lithium batteries?

Some modern electric rechargeable shavers have lithium batteries but others have either nickel metal hydride or nickel cadmium batteries.

Can you pack shaving razors in checked baggage?

You can pack an electric razor, disposable razor or cartridge razor in carry on and checked bags. You can only pack straight razors or a safety razor (and blades) in checked baggage as they are not permitted in cabin baggage.

Will my electric shaver work overseas?

Your electric shaver will work overseas but you will probably need an adapter to plug it into an electrical outlet in Europe or elsewhere.

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