Can You Take a Razor on a Plane? The Rules Explained

One of the most frequently asked questions about what you can take on board a plane in carry on baggage, according to the TSA, is the rule applying to carrying a razor on a plane in a carry on bag.

You are permitted to take a razor on a plane in your carry on provided it is either a disposable or a cartridge razor. If it has separate blades, such as a safety razor or it is a cut throat or straight razor then these are only permitted in checked bags.

Can you take a razor on a plane in hand luggage is certainly an important question if you are taking a long flight, particularly overnight, and want to feel more human before you land. Perhaps you need to go straight to an important meeting on arrival, so having a shave can certainly be important. So what are the rules? ….

What razors can you take in hand luggage?

Can you take a razor on a plane in hand luggage. Are shaving razors allowed in carry on bags on a plane
You are allowed to take cartridge razors on board

There are two types of wet razor you can take on board an aircraft with you and this applies whether they are single bladed or the more common multi-bladed types:

  1. Disposable razors. These are the ones that come as a complete unit, including the blade and the handle, and the whole thing is thrown away when finished with.
  2. Cartridge disposable razors (such as Gillette Fusion). These are the type where you just change the cartridge containing the blade/s but keep the handle part to use again.

You can also take electric razors on a plane in hand luggage.

What razors can’t you take in hand luggage?

You cannot take a wet razor in hand luggage if it holds a separate blade, in other words, the older style razor with replaceable blades, such as the one below, which I believe are known as safety razors.

However, you can have those in your checked hold baggage, not that it is very useful to you if you want to shave on the aircraft but you can use it when you reach your destination..

safety razor on a plane
You cannot take this kind of safety razor in carry on

You can ask the TSA about any items you are unsure of that you may wish to take in your carry on or checked bags on Twitter using the #AskTSA hashtag. This is a reply regarding razors:

TSA advice on taking a razor on a plane

This is the TSA link in the reply – Safety Razors and Disposable Razors

Can you take a straight razor on a plane?

For obvious reasons, under no circumstances can you bring any form of cut-throat or barber’s razor in hand luggage, even if your name is Sweeney Todd. It is easy to see that these would be considered something of a security hazard, well these days anyway.

However, even Sweeney Todd would be allowed to take his straight razor on board an aircraft if it was packed in his suitcase and checked in as hold baggage.

Straight razor on a plane in carry on
Even Sweeney Todd can’t take these on board

Can you bring a Gillette razor on an airplane?

Provided the Gillette razor is of the cartridge type then you can take it on a plane either in your carry on bag or in your checked baggage.

If it is an older Gillette razor that takes safely blades (ie blades not held in a cartridge) then you can only carry these in your checked baggage to go in the aircraft’s hold.

Can you bring spare razor blades on a plane?

Can You Take a Razor on a Plane? The Rules Explained 1

If you intend taking spare blades for your razor with you in your hand luggage then these will have to be of the cartridge type.

Safety razor blades are not permitted to be taken on board the aircraft with you in your carry on bag and will be confiscated at airport security if you attempt to take them. They can be placed in your checked bags though to use when you arrive.

Can you bring shaving cream on a plane?

Being able to carry your disposable razor on board isn’t much use to you if you can’t also take shaving cream or something similar on board in your carry on bag too.

You can take shaving foam in carry on but the size of the container cannot be greater than 3.4 ozs (or 100ml). It must also fit into a TSA approved sealed clear plastic, zip-top bag to pass through airport security.

You can buy the small cans of shaving foam or shaving gel in most drug stores and supermarkets, or failing that, at airports.

You can, of course, take full sized items with you but these must be in your checked hold baggage and must not be carried with you, otherwise they will be confiscated by security.

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