Can You Bring a Curling Iron on A Plane?



I remember my wife asking me “can I take my curling iron in my hand luggage?” when we first got together and, to be honest, I didn’t have a clue. If I had known then what I know now I would have said yes!

Now I also know these can also be called a curling wand or curling tongs – you learn something new every day.

can you bring a curling iron on a plane 2023
can i bring a curling iron in my carry on

The Quick Answer: Can you take a curling iron on a plane? You can bring curling irons including corded curling irons or cordless curling irons on a plane and either carry it in your carry on bag or put it in your checked bags. If it is gas-powered then you cannot put it in your checked bags.


Can you take a curling iron through airport security

There are no restrictions on taking most types of electric curling irons through a security checkpoint at the airport. These include being able to bring corded curling irons and cordless curling irons

They can often be left in your carry on luggage when the bag goes through the x-ray machine although it may be easier in the long run if you remove it and place it in a tray.

The TSA website states the following about Curling Irons:

Cordless curling irons that contain lithium metal or lithium ion batteries or are gas or butane fueled are only allowed in carry-on bags.
A safety cover must be securely fitted over the heating element. The device must be protected from accidental activation.
For more information to portable electronic devices, see the FAA regulations.
Gas refills (spare cartridges) are not permitted.

@AskTSA Service

The TSA offers a very good service on Twitter where you can ask a specific question about whether you can take something through the security checkpoint and they will respond quickly.

This is an example response to a passenger’s question regarding carrying a curling iron:

tsa curling iron rules

Can you take a butane curling iron in carry on?

TSA rules permit you to take butane-fueled curling irons on a plane in your hand luggage with you provided:

  • you only have one with you
  • the safety cover is fitted over the heating element to ensure there is no accidental activation
  • you are not carrying any spare cartridges

You cannot put a gas curling iron in your checked bag under any circumstances. If you do then your bag will be opened and the curling iron confiscated.

Also, you cannot carry spare gas cartridges in either carry on or in your checked bags. If you are likely to run out of gas while you are away you will have to try and buy a new gas cartridge wherever you are.

This is the TSA’s advice on bringing a gas curling iron in carry on luggage:

can you bring a curling iron on a plane carry on

Can you take curling iron in checked luggage?

The rules regarding packing curling irons in your carry on are a little complicated and depend on the type of curling iron:

Electric curling iron

These can be packed in your checked bags without restriction

Gas/butane curling irons

These cannot be carried in your checked bags under any circumstances. They must be taken in your carry on bags if you wish to take them with you.

Spare gas canisters

The TSA website states here that gas refills cannot be taken on a plane in either your checked bags or your carry on bags.

The Transportation Security Administration confirmed in the tweet below that a curling iron can be taken in checked baggage. As the passenger didn’t specify which type they should have pointed out that butane/gas curling irons are not permitted in checked bags.

can you take a curling iron on a plane

Will my curling iron work if traveling internationally?

You should check that your electric curling iron will not only work on 110v. In Europe and elsewhere the electricity supply operates at 230-240v so a US curling iron will need to be one of the dual voltage curling irons.

Electrical sockets are not the same worldwide. US plugs will not fit in sockets in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and elsewhere.

You will need to purchase a travel adapter too so you can charge or use your devices when traveling overseas.

The most popular is the Ceptics World Travel Power Adapter – 3 USB Ports Wall Charger Type I C G A Outlets 110V 220V A/C – 5V D/C – EU Euro US UK. This will allow you to plug your devices into sockets overseas. It also has 3 USB sockets to charge phones, laptops, tablets etc without taking a different one for each.

International Power Adapter, Ceptics World Travel USB Type C QC 3.0 18W PD Plug Adaptor Kit - 3 USB Ports Wall Charger Type I C G A Outlets 110V 220V A/C - 5V D/C - EU Euro US UK - All in One

One more thing you need to be aware of is that most US devices operate on 110 volts whereas in most other countries they use 220-240 volts.

Now many devices these days are designed to operate on dual voltage so they will work anywhere. However, this is not always the case so you should check the specification of your devices to be sure.

Other hair related items

The rules regarding carrying other hair styling tools including hair straighteners, hair dryers, blow dryer, flat iron, electric hair rollers and products you may use for your hair are as follows:

  1. Hair straightener
  2. Flat Iron
  3. Hair dryer
  4. Hairspray
  5. Dry shampoo


You should have no problems taking a curling iron on a plane with you when traveling in your carry on bag. Just remember, gas curling irons cannot go in checked bags.

Have a good and stress free flight – and nice hair!

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