Can You Take Nicotine Gum on a Plane?



Although I have never smoked, I have traveled with many people over the years who smoke quite heavily. So I know how stressful it can be for some smokers to go without their nicotine fix and get withdrawal symptoms, particularly on a long flight.

But can you bring nicotine gum on a plane and chew it during the flight?

The Quick Answer: Can I take nicotine gum on a plane? The TSA state that nicotine gum can be taken on a plane in either your carry on bag or packed in your checked bag without restriction. You can chew it during to the flight to stop withdrawal symptoms.

can you take nicotine gum on a plane


Can you take nicotine gum through airport security?

The Transportation Security Administration rules have no restrictions on taking nicotine gum through the TSA checkpoint at the airport. They can be left in your carry on when the bag goes through the x-ray machine so you do not need to remove them and place them separately in a tray.

As nicotine gum is small and light there is really no restriction on the quantity you can take through airport security either.

@AskTSA Service

The TSA offers a very good service on Twitter where you can ask a specific question about whether you can take something through the security checkpoint and they will respond quickly.

This is an example response to a passenger’s question can I bring nicotine gum on a plane:

Can you take nicotine gum on a plane TSA reply

Can you take nicotine gum in your carry on luggage?

You are allowed to pack nicotine gum in your carry on luggage and take it on to the aircraft with you to chew during the flight. You can also carry them in your pocket too of course.

If you are flying from a larger airport that has stores after you pass through airport security then you may find that some of these have nicotine gum for sale.

Do airports sell nicotine gum?

Most large airports, and many smaller ones, will have stores selling some form of nicotine gum so you should be able to get some if you forgot to take any.

Can you take nicotine gum in your checked luggage?

You can put as many packets of nicotine gum as you wish in your checked luggage if you are taking more than just carry on. Obviously, you will not be able to chew gum during the flight if it is there but you can use it when you get to your destination.

The same applies to any other nicotine product you may wish to pack in your checked luggage.

Can you take nicotine patches on a plane?

You can use any other nicotine-containing product that helps in getting a nicotine fix while flying, including Nicorettes, nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges and nicotine nasal spray.

Although you can take these on a plane with you the only one of these that may cause a problem is the nicotine nasal spray.

Taking other nicotine products on a plane

Any liquid can be no larger than 3.4oz/100ml so you need to make sure that the spray does not hold any more than this. It will also need to be in your liquids bag to go through airport security. See my article – the TSA liquids rule.

This is a quote from the manufacturers regarding Nicorette Inhalers:

Perhaps surprisingly, Inhalators can be used on planes, as well as on a wide range of public transport. However, before using the Inhalator on a plane, it’s best to check in with a flight attendant, and explain how the Inhalator works, if necessary.

The company Nicorette state on their website that Nicorette Inhalers can be used on a plane

These are replies from the TSA on Twitter to people asking about taking nicotine products on a plane:

Can You Take Nicotine Gum on a Plane? 1
Can You Take Nicotine Gum on a Plane? 2

Can you bring nicotine pouches on a plane?

There are no restrictions on bringing nicotine pouches through airport security in your carry on bag or in your checked baggage.

Can You Take Nicotine Gum on a Plane? 3

Carrying smoking related items for when you arrive

You can also bring cigarettes with you on a plane. You will be able to light up the second you step out of the terminal building at your destination. If you are traveling abroad though you will have to check customs regulations for the country you are traveling to.

You can bring matches (one box of safety matches) or just one lighter on a plane with certain restrictions so check out the link to find out more.

If you prefer to roll your own cigarettes then you can take rolling tobacco and rolling papers with you too.

Juul can be taken on a plane too although, like cigarettes, you cannot actually smoke on board (I say thankfully as a lifelong non-smoker who remembers the days when smoking was permitted during a flight and it wasn’t pleasant). Read my full article Can you vape on a plane’?

Can you bring nicotine gum on an international flight?

I cannot find any country where nicotine gum is not allowed if you are traveling overseas, apart from Singapore.

If you are traveling to Singapore they have very strict litter laws there which include heavy fines for anyone not disposing of chewing gum of any kind correctly. Singapore is a beautiful place, helped perhaps by its strong stance on littering.

In fact from 1992 to 2004 chewing gum was completely banned in Singapore but since then there have been a few exceptions allowed with nicotine gum being one of them.

Can You Take Nicotine Gum on a Plane? 4
The beautiful Singapore

Using nicotine gum effectively

The advice on using nicotine gum to get the most benefit is to chew it until the nicotine taste arrives. Once you have that taste stop chewing and place it between your lips and your gums (a bit like people who use chewing tobacco).

Nicotine then gets absorbed into your bloodstream through the skin of your mouth.


TSA rules allow nicotine gum to be taken through the airport security checkpoint in your carry on bag and onto the plane with you, without restriction, and you can chew gum during the flight. It can often also be purchased in stores at the airport after passing through security.

You should have no problems taking nicotine gum on a plane in any quantity with you when traveling in your carry on bag.

Hopefully being able to chew gum will help your sanity during the flight until you get to your destination and can have your first cigarette.

Have a good and stress-free flight.


How much nicotine can you take on a plane?

If the nicotine is in liquid form then the TSA restricts you to taking 3.4 fluid ounces (100 ml) in your carry on bags but you can carry larger bottles in your checked bags

Can I take Nicorette Quickmist on a plane?

You can take Nicorette Quickmist on a plane in your carry on luggage (as they only contain 13.2ml of liquid, so smaller than the 100ml rule) and can use it during the flight. It must go in your quart-sized liquid bag when passing through security.

Can I wear a nicotine patch through airport security?

You can wear a nicotine patch when you pass through airport security and onto a plane.

Do they sell nicotine gum at airports?

You will normally be able to buy nicotine gum in airport stores, although that cannot be guaranteed obviously. To be sure you would be advised to buy some before going to the airport.

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