Can You Bring Hair Clippers on a Plane?



If you were going on a short vacation or business trip you probably would have no reason to bring hair clippers on a plane with you.

But if you will be away for a few weeks then you may need to keep yourself looking smart by giving yourself a quick trim during your trip.

What are the TSA rules regarding taking hair clippers on a plane? And what about other grooming tools?

can you bring hair clippers on a plane

The Quick Answer: Can you take hair clippers on a plane? You can take hair clippers on a plane in either your carry on bag or checked baggage. The TSA advises that you take them out of your carry on when passing through security screening.

The same TSA rules detailed below that apply to a hair trimmer/hair clipper also apply to electric beard trimmers and most other grooming tools.


Can you take hair clippers through airport security

There are no TSA hair clippers restrictions to stop you from taking hair clippers on a plane through a security checkpoint at the airport.

The TSA advises that it is best if you remove hair clippers from your carry on luggage and place them in a separate bin, along with any other electronic devices, so they can be screened separately. This may save any delays by eliminating the need for your bag to be manually searched by TSA officers.

This is a reply from the TSA confirming that you can bring hair clippers in a carry on bag:

tsa hair clippers

This passenger is also asking if hair clippers can stay in their carry on bag or if they have to put them in a separate bin to pass through security. The TSA advises taking them out so they can be screened separately:

Do hair clippers need to be removed from carry on

Corded electric hair clippers in carry on

Corded hair clippers can be packed in your hand luggage but, as stated above, it is probably best if you take them out at security and place them in a separate bin.

Corded hair clippers in carry on

Can I bring cordless hair clippers on a plane?

This passenger is asking the Transportation Security Administration on Twitter if they can take their rechargeable hair clipper kit in carry on and the TSA confirming that it can be taken in both carry on or checked luggage.

Although you cannot take a spare lithium-ion battery in checked bags, as this battery is integrated into the hair clipper it is allowed in checked luggage.:

Rechargeable hair clippers in carry on

Manual hair clippers in carry on

I am not sure if people still use these but be assured that you will be ok if you pack them in your carry on (or your checked bag).

If they have separate spare sharp blades then it is possible that a TSA officer may feel they infringe the sharp objects rule so it would be best to pack these in your checked bags or not take them at all.

Also read: TSA sharp object rules

Can you use hair clippers on a plane?

I can’t imagine anyone actually wanting to cut their hair while on a flight but I suppose there will always be “that one” who is an exception to the rule.

Although there is nothing to stop you from using hair clippers during the flight, it would be pretty antisocial if you did, even if you used them in the aircraft restroom.

Hair clipping makes a great deal of mess which you would be unlikely to be able to clean up.

Can you pack hair clippers in checked luggage?

If you are not traveling with carry on only, since you will not be using nail clippers during the flight, then putting them in your checked baggage is the best place to pack them.

Although most rechargeable hair clippers will have lithium batteries inside, most will not be removable. Carrying loose and spare lithium batteries is prohibited in checked baggage but fitted inside a pair of hair clippers is perfectly ok.

Can you take hair clippers in your checked bags

This is the link to the FAA article referred to in the reply above – FAA Hazardous Objects Rules

Can you take hair clipper oil on a plane?

Carry on

You have to be careful if you want to bring a hair clipper with you in your carry on luggage for the following reasons:

  • Any liquids in carry on bags cannot be in a container that is larger than 3.4 ounces (100 ml) and it must be placed in a quart-sized plastic liquids bag along with any other liquids, creams or gels you have. Only one quart-sized bag is permitted per passenger. Fortunately many electric hair clippers come with a very small bottle of oil so that shouldn’t be an issue.
  • You should check to make sure that the oil does not have a Hazmat label meaning it is flammable. If it does then it is not permitted on a plane at all under both Transportation Security Administration and Federal Aviation Administration rules.

Checked luggage

The same size restrictions do not apply to liquids in checked luggage as they do if being taken in hand luggage so you can oil for your electric clippers in your luggage.

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Can you bring hair clippers on a plane? You should have no problems if you want to bring hair clippers on a plane with you when traveling in either your cabin bag or your checked bags.

Have a good and stress free flight.

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