Can You Bring a Juul on a Plane? Don’t Get It Confiscated!



If you enjoy smoking a Juul and want to take it with you when traveling by air then it is important to know the regulations regarding carrying a Juul and also whether you can bring Juul pods with you.

After all, you would be pretty upset if they were taken away from you by an airport security officer and this does happen regularly when people do not follow the rules.

The Quick Answer: Can you bring Juul on a plane? You can bring a Juul on a plane but it is not allowed in checked bags. Juul can stay in your carry-on bag when passing through the TSA security checkpoint but must then be taken out and carried with you during the flight.

I will explain the reason why Juul must be carried on you and not in hand luggage or checked bags and the other rules relating to where you can bring a Juul on a plane below.

can you bring a juul on a plane


How can I get my Juul through airport security? TSA Juul rules

You are permitted under the current TSA Juul rules regarding carrying Juul and other e-cigarettes and similar devices to leave them in your carry-on bags during the screening process at the airport security checkpoint.

But you should read the next section regarding where you should keep them while onboard the aircraft.

Juul pods can be taken through airport security provided they are no larger than 3.4 ounces (100 ml) and are screened separately in your liquids bag.

Read the TSA’s advice on the rules and regulations regarding carrying Juul, electronic cigarettes and other nicotine delivery systems through the airport security checkpoint and on a plane – @AskTSA Travel Tips

how can i get my juul through airport security

Note: Although cannabis may be legal in many states in the US it is still not legal under Federal law (and is not legal at all in many other countries). You should therefore not attempt to bring any marijuana-infused Juul or Juul pods (or other vaping devices) through airport security as, if discovered, the security agents are required to notify law enforcement.

Can you take Juul in carry on bags?

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) rules, along with FAA and US airline regulations, require that your Juul device, along with any spare lithium batteries for the device, must not travel inside your carry-on bag, or personal item (if you are allowed one on your airline, inside the aircraft during the flight.

Instead, they must be carried actually on your person, ie in a pocket. This may seem rather bizarre until you understand why.

The reason for this is not so that you can have a sneaky smoke when you go to the aircraft’s restroom but so that if there was an accidental activation, or if a battery became hot, then you would realize quickly and it could be dealt with easily by you or the cabin crew.

If they were packed away somewhere deep in carry-on bags, which were stored up in one of the overhead bins, and there was an accidental activation or they were to catch fire then it may be a while before it was detected so it could cause a much bigger problem.

TSA website on Juul in carry on

The TSA states the following:

Battery-powered E-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person).

But they also say:

“When a carry-on bag is checked at the gate or planeside, all electronic cigarette and vaping devices, along with any spare lithium batteries, must be removed from the bag and kept with the passenger in the aircraft cabin.”

This means that if you arrive at the gate, probably as one of the last passengers, and you are informed that there is insufficient room in the overhead bins for any further hand luggage, your bag will be taken from you and put in the aircraft’s hold as checked baggage.

In this case, you must ensure that if you have Juul and a spare lithium battery in the bag that you remove it and take it on board the airplane with you.

What do the airlines say about Juul in carry on?

This is just a sample from the websites of the major US airlines. You should check the websites of the airline you are traveling with before flying with Juul or other vaping devices to make sure you comply with their policies.

AirlineJuul In Carry On Policy
American AirlinesYou can travel with them in your carry-on, but you’re not allowed to use them onboard any flight. We recommend traveling with them in a designated carry case.
Southwest AirlinesThe battery can remain installed but must be placed in carryon baggage or carried on your person only
Delta Air LinesBattery-powered electronic devices, such as “e-cigarettes, vape pen, e-cigs, e-cigars, e-pipes, e-hookahs, personal vaporizers, electronic nicotine delivery systems,” can be brought as carry-on items only.
JetBlueAn e-cigarette and individually protected spare batteries must be carried in the cabin, the device must be in the off position and disconnected from the charging system and battery.
Alaska AirlinesElectronic smoking devices must be set in safe mode to prevent accidental ignition in carry on.
Hawaiian AirlinesWe do allow an e-cigarette to be stored in your carry-on.

Can you pack Juul in checked bags?

You cannot bring a Juul with you in your checked bag as this is explicitly prohibited by the TSA, FAA and airlines from being carried in the luggage compartment. It must be carried in your hand luggage or on you in a pocket etc.

The same is also true for carrying a spare lithium battery or a portable charger in checked baggage, none of which are permitted in the aircraft’s hold and must be with you in the cabin.

TSA on Juul in checked bags

AskTSA advice to the question can you fly with a Juul:

can you take a juul on a plane

Can you bring Juul pods on a plane?

How many Juul pods can you bring on a plane depends on whether you will be taking them in carry on or checked bags.

Juul pods in carry on luggage

You can bring a Juul pod or multiple Juul pods (or vape juice) in your carry-on or your checked bag. Most Juul pods are significantly smaller than the maximum liquid size of 3.4 ounces (100 ml) so size should not be an issue but make sure yours isn’t otherwise it will be confiscated.

However, Juul pods must go in your quart-sized liquids bag together with any of your other liquids, such as deodorant and other toiletries. This means you are limited by the quart size bag dimensions.

And remember, only one liquids bag is permitted per passenger.

Juul pods in checked luggage

You may pack as many Juul pods (or vape juice) in your checked bag as you wish since there are no restrictions on the maximum amount of liquid that can be taken in checked luggage.

You would be well-advised not to pack an opened Juul pod in your suitcase as it could leak and ruin your clothes due to the change in air pressure on a plane.

TSA Juul pods advice

AskTSA on Twitter’s advice on taking e-liquid or Juul pods on a plane in carry-on:

can you bring juul pods on a plane

AskTSA advice to the question can i bring Juul pods on a plane in checked bags:

how many juul pods can you bring on a plane

Can you use Juul on a plane?

Although you can bring a Juul on a plane, under no circumstances can you actually use a Juul during a flight.

All types of smoking are banned on an aircraft in flight and using one can have serious consequences including prosecution, being banned from flying on an airline in the future, and being thrown off the flight.

Frankly, even if it wasn’t banned, using a Juul in such a confined space would be very irresponsible and antisocial. As a lifelong non-smoker, I certainly wouldn’t want to sit next to someone for hours who was using a Juul or other type of e-cigarette on a plane.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you may be able to go to the restroom on the airplane and have a quick fix as there are smoke detectors installed that will detect vape and Juul smoke so you will be discovered.

Can you bring a Juul on a plane if you’re under 21?

You should keep in mind that although local legal age laws regarding vaping may apply the TSA generally will not confiscate a Juul or vape from someone under the age of 21. Common sense may prevail if the minor is very young though.

Many teenagers ask the question “how to bring a vape on a plane without your parents knowing” on Google.

Consider this:

  • Well firstly, they probably already know you use one
  • and secondly, make sure you follow the rules above so that it is not highlighted that you have one by a TSA agent during the screening. That way your parents are not made aware that you have Juul with you but if you are pulled aside for additional screening they probably will.

The TSA states:

how to bring a vape on a plane without your parents knowing

Do’s and dont’s when carrying a Juul on a plane

  • Do disconnect the power supply from the Juul before boarding
  • Do not attempt to use the Juul while onboard
  • Do not take more Juul pods in your carry on than will fit into your quart sized liquids bag
  • Do not charge your Juul while onboard

Can you use your Juul at the airport?

There are some airports in the US where using a Juul, and also other vaping devices is permitted inside airport buildings. Some other airports have designated smoking areas where you can use a Juul, vape, stiiizy, use e-cigarettes or smoke tobacco products.

Many overseas airports do not permit any form of smoking inside airport buildings.

You should also be aware if flying internationally that in some countries vaping is illegal – notably in parts of the far east (Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore), parts of the middle east (Qatar and Oman) as well as in Argentina.

So if you are traveling internationally you would be well advised to check if it is allowed in the country or countries you are visiting.

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One common question that arises among Juul users is, “Can I bring my Juul on a plane?” Well, the good news is that you can indeed take a Juul on a plane! Many people wonder about the rules and regulations surrounding carrying a Juul device while traveling, but the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has provided clear guidelines on this matter.

As long as you adhere to their guidelines, you can confidently bring your Juul on a plane, ensuring a hassle-free journey. So, pack your bags, grab your Juul, and get ready for your flight, knowing that you can enjoy your favorite vaping experience even while soaring through the skies.

You can bring a Juul on a plane but it, along with any spare lithium batteries, is not allowed in checked bags. Both must be placed in your carry-on bag when passing through the TSA security checkpoint but must then be taken out and carried with you during the flight.

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