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  • Maximum liquid permitted in carry on

    Maximum Liquid You Can Take on a Plane in Carry On?

    It can be quite confusing to know what the carry on bag liquid limit is and also what is considered to be a liquid under the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) 311 rule. By following the TSA liquids rules you will pass through airport security much quicker and with fewer problems. You will also ensure that…

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  • Is There a Liquid Limit for Checked Bags 1

    Is There a Liquid Limit for Checked Bags

    People often get confused over the rules for bringing liquids on a plane, which is understandable as they can be pretty complicated. However, although the carry on liquids limit rules are quite onerous, the rules for liquids in checked baggage are quite simple. For full details of the checked bags restricted liquids read the rest…

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  • How to get over your fear of flying

    If you have a fear of flying here is some real advice to overcome it

    Having a fear of flying can be a real problem for many people. It can prevent them from taking trips with family and friends, from seeing other parts of the world and might even interfere with their career prospects if travel is an important part of a job. Many people are nervous about flying but…

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  • Can You Take Cigarettes on a Plane? 2

    Can You Take Cigarettes on a Plane?

    Despite the ever-increasing price of cigarettes, smoking doesn’t look like it will be stopping any time soon. Although you cannot smoke cigarettes on a plane, can you still take them in your carry on baggage or in checked luggage? The same question applies to other tobacco products including cigars, pipe/rolling tobacco, chewing tobacco and other…

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  • best gadgets to make flying more comfortable

    My Favorite Gadgets to Make Flying More Comfortable

    I have flown on many long haul flights, and at 6ft 2in tall, with long legs, I have had to learn to either live with the discomfort or do something about it. I have learned to do the latter with the help of some gadgets to make flying more comfortable always in my carry on.…

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  • Can you take phone chargers in hand luggage?

    Do Phone Chargers Go in Hand Luggage or Suitcase?

    One thing is for sure, in today’s world most people cannot live without their electronic devices, be they smartphones, cell phones, tablets, laptops, iPods etc. So if you are traveling, you will need to keep them charged in the air and at your destination. But can you take phone chargers on a plane and, if…

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  • Which Quart Size Liquids Bag Should You Use? 3

    Which Quart Size Liquids Bag Should You Use?

    Having your liquids properly presented at airport security in a TSA-approved quart-sized bag will not only make your passage through security quicker but will also help those passengers behind you in the line. There is little more frustrating than being in a hurry to catch a flight and only being stuck behind some idiot in…

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  • Things That Are Not Allowed on a Plane in Carry-On 4

    Things That Are Not Allowed on a Plane in Carry-On

    Every year, airlines seem to charge more and more for checked bags, so many people are choosing to travel by air with just a carry-on bag. This saves money but, as well as being restricted on the amount you can take, it also means you have to be more careful about what you take with…

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  • How long does jet lag last from USA to UK?

    How Long Does Jet Lag Last from USA to UK?

    Flying across multiple time zones affects your body’s circadian rhythms (your body’s internal clock) leaving you with jet lag disorder. But which way you travel can make a difference in how much you suffer from the effects of jet lag. But do you get jet lag from New York to London and if so, how…

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  • Should you lock your luggage when flying

    Should I Lock My Luggage When Flying Internationally? TSA Approved Locks

    Whether to lock your checked luggage or not when flying, internationally or otherwise, is certainly a subject for debate. I never used to bother and never had a problem but I have heard of people that have had things stolen so now I always lock my bags. A TSA study estimates that between 2010 and…

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