Can You Bring Cigars on a Plane?

  • Author: John Parker
  • Last Updated: September 30, 2022

If you smoke cigars and are going on a trip then you will obviously want to know if you can take some of your favorite brands with you to smoke while you are away in case you cannot get hold of any at your destination.

You can bring cigars on a plane and there is no restriction on the amount you can carry with you as far as airport security and airline regulations are concerned. There is a difference between flying domestically and international though.

If you are flying on a domestic flight then you have nothing to worry about as you may take as many as you want. However, if you are flying internationally, then you need to bear in mind that there may be restrictions on the amount of tobacco related products you can take into, or back into, the country with you. See the section below on Customs restrictions for the most popular countries.

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Can you take cigars through airport security

There are no restrictions on taking cigars through a security checkpoint at the airport. They can be left in your carry on when the bag goes through the x-ray machine so you do not need to remove them and place them in a tray.

NOTE: Cigar cutters and cigar torch lighters must be packed in your checked bags as they are not allowed though security or on the aircraft in your carry on. Standard lighters and one box of safety matches can be taken through security – Can you take a lighter on a plane?

@AskTSA Service

The TSA offer a very good service on Twitter where you can ask a specific question about whether you can take something through the security checkpoint and they will respond quickly.

This is an example response to a passenger’s question regarding carrying cigars:

Can you take cigars through airport security

Can you take cigars in your carry on?

Cigars can be left in your carry on when the bag goes through the x-ray machine so you do not need to remove them and place them in a tray and they can be carried onto the aircraft with you, along with any additional cigars you may buy in airside stores.

Can you take cigars in your checked bags?

You can pack as many cigars in your checked bags as you wish. As stated above, if you are bringing a cigar cutter and a cigar torch lighter then these must be in your checked bags.

Customs allowances for cigars

Can You Bring Cigars on a Plane?

If traveling internationally you must consider what the customs restrictions may be on taking cigars into another country. Most countries give a duty free allowance but anything over that allowance must be declared and will either be confiscated or you will have to pay import duty on them.

All of the following relate to passengers of 18 years of age or older. You should check on the country’s website to ensure this hasn’t changed.

US Customs

If flying into (or returning to) the US then Customs and Border Protection limits the number of cigarettes you can bring into the country from most foreign countries to 100 cigars.

UK Customs

If flying into the UK from another EU country then you can bring 200 cigars or 400 cigarillos. This will change from 1st January 2021 when the UK fully leaves the EU. After that date the limit below will apply.

If flying in to the UK from a non-EU country then you can bring 50 cigars or 100 cigarillos in with you.

Canadian Customs

You can bring 50 cigars into Canada with you.

Australian Customs

Australia is more restrictive than many countries as you can only take 50 grams of cigars into the country with you.

Others Countries

Giving the full cigarette allowances for every country in the world is obviously beyond the scope of this article. I suggest you do a search online to find out the limits elsewhere.


You should have no problems taking cigars in any quantity with you when traveling in your carry on bag or checked bags (assuming you are not traveling internationally). Have a good and stress free flight.

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