Can You Bring Candles on a Plane? The Rules Explained

Bringing candles on a plane is not something I had ever considered. After all, you don’t generally get too many power outages when you are flying! I jest of course but it seems many people do want to bring candles on a plane with them anyway.

The TSA rules state that you can bring candles on a plane, either in a carry on bag or in checked baggage. However, due to the TSA liquids rules, you cannot take gel candles or liquid candles in your carry on.

People often buy candles when on vacation to take home as gifts for friends and relatives or are traveling to friends or relatives for Christmas so want to take a special candle for the table with them.

Naturally then it is not surprising that they may want to check that they can actually bring candles on a plane, rather than get them confiscated by airport security.

Obviously, it should go without saying, you are not allowed to actually light the candles while on board the flight though! But the obvious is sometimes not so obvious for certain people.

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Types of candles that are allowed on a plane

You may bring all of the following types of candles on a plane almost without restriction, provided they will all fit in your carry on bag:

Solid wax candles

These include:

  • Taper candles – tall candles which narrow upwards and which must be held in a candle holder as they cannot stand on their own.
  • Pillar candles – these are the thicker candles which can stand without the need for a holder.
  • Birthday cake candles – the small thin ones we light on top of a cake that actually can also come in the shape of a number or a letter these days.
  • Religious/church candles (also known as votive candles)

Glass candles

These are the type of solid wax candles which come in a glass jar. (Note – gel glass jar candles are not allowed)

Candle pots

These are similar to the glass jar candles but in a ceramic or earthenware or terracotta pot

Tea light candles

The little candles which come in a small metal container.

Floating candles

Lightweight and usually made of paraffin or palm oil wax which float in a bath or a bowl.

Flameless LED candles

These are designed to look like candles but which have a small led light inside together with a battery to power them.

Gel candles are not allowed in carry on bags
Gel candles are not allowed in carry on bags

Types of candles that are not allowed on a plane

Gel candles

You cannot take gel candles on a plane in your carry on luggage as they are considered a liquid by airport security. If they are smaller than 3.4oz/100ml then they are allowed but larger than that is not permitted. They can however be carried in your checked bags without a problem.

Sparkler candles

These cannot be taken on a plane either in hand luggage or checked bags as they contain some explosive materials. They are therefore considered hazardous so are forbidden.

Liquid candles

These are normally in a glass container and inside is liquid paraffin and a taper or wick. Since they contain a liquid they fall under the TSA liquids rule so must be smaller than 3.4oz or 100ml in order to be taken on board in a carry on bag.

TSA views on candles

If you have any doubts about whether a particular type of candle can be carried you can access the TSA website and check on there – or you can go onto Twitter and use the very useful and efficient @asktsa service. They will answer any specific questions you may have quickly. You can even post a picture of the candles to make absolutely sure.

As an example of the sort of question that is asked and @asktsa’s reply:

Can you bring candles on a plane? asktsa

Why are candles allowed when they are flammable?

It is true that candles are flammable, well they are designed to be just that of course. But they are actually no more flammable than paper, some plastics, wood, clothes and any number of other materials that could be set light to using a match or some other form of flame.

The main difference between candles and some banned flammable materials, such as petrol or certain gases, is that they are not explosive. Basically they have to be deliberately set on fire.

Airline Restrictions

The airlines I have checked do not have any further restrictions on the type of candle you can carry on board with you, provided the airport security rules have been followed of course. You may wish to check with your particular airline to get complete clarification.

Airport Purchases

Once you are through airport security and in the departure lounge you would be able to buy gel candles (assuming any stores there sell them) and take these on board with you.


Do candles count as liquids?

Gel candles are considered to be a liquid by the TSA. All wax candles are treated as solids so can be carried in hand luggage.

What size candle can you take on a plane?

Solid (wax type) candles can be any size, provided they will fit in your hand luggage or your checked bags. Gel type candles must be no larger than 3.4 ounces (100 ml) in order to be carried in your carry on bag.

Can I bring a Yankee Candle on an airplane?

Yes, you are permitted to take a Yankee candle on a plane in either your carry on or your checked bags provided they are the solid type (not gel).

Can you take citronella candles on a plane?

You can take citronella or any other type of scented candle on a plane provided they are solid candles and not gel candles (which are treated as being a liquid).

Can you take soy candles on a plane?

You can take soy candles on a plane in your carry on provided they are of the solid type and not made of gel. Soy gel candles are treated as a liquid as can only go in checked bags unless they are smaller than 3.4 ounces (100 ml).