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If you are going to fly with Icelandair and want to work while you fly or want internet access for entertainment then you will want to know does Icelandair have wifi and what it costs.

The quality of internet access and onboard wifi in most airlines is either hit or miss and the same is true for Icelandair. Like all airlines, Icelandair is working to upgrade the availability and quality of the wifi service.

In the rest of the article, you will find full details of the Icelandair wifi service, costs and how to use it.

Icelandair Wifi - Does Icelandair have wi-fi


Does Icelandair have wifi?

All of Icelandair’s fleet of Boeing 767, 757 and 737 have wi-fi available.

Only their short-range DHC-8 aircraft do not have wi-fi.

How good is the wi-fi on Icelandair?

Onboard wi-fi on any airline will not be as good as you are used to at home or in your office, which is something that many passengers who complain do not appreciate. But it should at least work to some degree of course.

The wi-fi on Icelandair’s Boeing 737 fleet allows for web browsing, sending and receiving emails and also streaming media content.

The wi-fi on Icelandair’s Boeing 757 and 767 fleet is not as good as on its 737 aircraft as it operates on connection speeds similar to 3G mobile phone connections. So you cannot use it for streaming services.

Unlike with some airlines where wi-fi is only available above 10,000 feet, on Icelandair wi-fi is available from the moment you board.

Sometimes Icelandair wi-fi may be very good, as this passenger tweeted:

How good is the wi-fi on Icelandair - happy customer

And at other times Icelandair wi-fi may be very bad, as this passenger tweeted:

How good is the wi-fi on Icelandair - unhappy customer

What does Icelandair wifi cost?

Wi-fi access is free for both Saga Premium and Saga Premium Flex and you can connect up to two devices. Also Saga Premium Gold membeers receive complimetary wi-fi access for up to two devices.

Icelandair does make a charge for Economy class passengers for wi-fi access. The cost varies depending on the route and also the type of aircraft.

How to connect to Icelandair wifi

The way you connect to wi-fi is different if you are flying on a Boeing 737 or in a Boeing757/767.

When you board you should switch your phone/device to airplane mode (flight mode) and then switch wi-fi back on.

Boeing 737 Max wi-fi

  1. Select the “Icelandair Internet Access” network.
  2. Open a browser and enter the URL
  3. Connect to the wi-fi (pay first if in economy)

Boeing 757/767 wi-fi

  1. Select the “Icelandair Internet Access” network.
  2. Open a browser and enter the URL
  3. Connect to the wi-fi (pay first if in economy)

Can you make voice calls or text using Icelandair wi-fi?

You cannot make voice phone calls on Icelandair flights using your mobile phone network and neither can you make voip calls using services such as Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Zoom etc. (A very good thing too in my opinion!)

If someone was to try to call you on your mobile phone number (while it is in airplane mode) they would get a message stating that the number was unavailable. They can leave a voice message which you can pick up when you land.

You cannot send texts (SMS) either as that uses a GSM network. However, you can send text messages using services such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

See my post Can you make phone calls on a plane

Does Icelandair have free Wifi?

All passengers in both Saga Premium and Saga Premium Flex receive free wi-fi.

Economy passengers have to pay for wi-fi.

This passenger was very pleased with the wi-fi:

Does Icelandair have free Wi-Fi

Can I watch Netflix on Icelandair wifi?

Fortunately, the Icelandair wi-fi system does support Netflix on their Boeing 737 Max fleet.

If you are on an Icelandair Boeing 757 or 767 then, at the moment, due to the connection being relatively slow, you will not be able to watch Netflix.

Claiming a refund if the wifi is not good

If you purchase wi-fi in Icelandair economy and the wi-fi is not working then you should speak to a flight attendant and ask if there is anything they can do to fix it.

If the cabin crew cannot fix the issue then you can use the contact form on the Icelandair website ( to request a refund providing your ticket number and flight date/number.

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Icelandair FAQ

Does Icelandair have USB ports?

There are USB ports on each seat on Icelandair aircraft which allow you to charge phones and other electronic devices.

Is Icelandair Saga Premium worth it?

Icelandair Saga Premium is the equivalent of business class so, as such, you will have a larger, comfortable seat, better meal service, access to lounges at the airport and priority boarding.

Can you use Bluetooth headphones on Icelandair?

Bluetooth headphones can be used on all Icelandair flights to connect to your electronic devices to listen to music, watch movies and also to connect to the inflight entertainment system where available

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